Poor Lost Puppy

19 Apr

We had to have our old dog put down two weeks ago, and Blazer spent the first week looking for her. He’d go into our room and circle the bed to see if Pepper was on the other side, wander into the guest room and do the same, come downstairs and wait under the computer desk for a while to see if Big Sister would show up, and then circle the house again.

We put an old pillow in the hallway where they used to sleep at night, and Blazer would flop down with a sigh, patiently waiting for his buddy. It about broke my heart. I suggested to the Squire that we get another dog, and he suggested I might want to contact a lawyer. Well, so much for that idea.

However, Blazer seems to have decided that if he can’t find Pepper, perhaps he can call her, and she will come. He spent the last two nights barking. Monday night, it was practically non-stop. I got up several times to fuss with him, and finally locked him in the kitchen at 4 AM. Even with the kitchen door closed, and our bedroom door shut – the two rooms are on opposite sides of the house and on different floors – and the fan running on the window a/c unit, I could hear him barking. Constantly. I finally got up at 6:30.

Last night, it seemed to be on a two-hour schedule. Blazer settled under the computer desk when I went up to bed, but around midnight he was standing in the dining room, barking. I fussed with him, and he went in to lay beside the kitchen door until 2:30. I called him upstairs and tried to get him to come into our room, but no dice. He always sleeps between the bed and the door when I take my nap, but has never attempted to enter the bedroom at night, so this didn’t surprise me. I got him to lay down on his pillow in the hall, but we were up again around 4:30. I rolled up a magazine and shook it at him, then coaxed him back up the steps and he did stay put until morning.

It’s like having a new baby in the house!

The Squire, bless him, is very hard of hearing, so most of this was lost on him. He told me the dog was sleeping quietly in the hall when he got up, and since Blazer never comes downstairs until I do, he wasn’t aware there had even been a problem.  He’s right; I do need a lawyer!

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