26 Apr

Not mine, this time, although we still have a few. The writer of one on the blogs I follow  is suffering from ants, and I really, really sympathise with him. Hateful critters. I don’t mind mice or even snakes, but ants drive me wild.

We had not lived in this house very long when I suffered from the Great Ant Invasion.  We had come home from the store, and were putting away the groceries when we discovered we’d been invaded by an army of carpenter ants. These are far worse than regular old itty bitty black ants. They are at least an inch long, wear combat boots, and chew on the scenery. Well, the last part is true; they do eat wood. The only thing worse than getting into your groceries is gnawing on the floorboards.

As I was saying, before I wandered off there,  I opened the cabinet to put away the cereal when these ants came boiling out. I started dragging boxes across the shelves to pull the ants out, and the girls took off their shoes to smash the critters as they landed on the counters. Suddenly a HUGE bugger fell down and I grabbed a shoe away from one of the kids and started smacking wildly, yelling, “Get it! Get it! It’s…It’s… a raisin.”

The Squire laughed so hard he slid down the fridge and ended up curled on the floor, holding his sides.

I’ve never lived it down.

2 Responses to “Ants!”

  1. Reverend Ref April 27, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Wasn’t there an old 1950’s movie called Night of the Living Raisins?

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