More on the Dollhouse

26 Apr

Rainy all day Tuesday, so I worked some more on the doll house, and placed a big order for wall paper with Earth and Tree, a shop in New Hampshire, which always seems to have goodies I can’t find anyplace else.   In the meantime, I’m papering what I can of the kitchen and bathroom walls with paper I’ve printed out using a program I purchased from Ann Venture’s Print Minis.

    I’ve papered the inside of the front wall, but haven’t gotten the window frames done yet. The paste dried clear, but I can’t tell you how many times I reached for that plastic cup and tried to drink some “tea”.

I also papered the wall that will go between the kitchen and bath and the living room and bedroom. I can’t put this into place until I have done the living room walls. The flaps on the left will go along the back walls of the house, and then I’ll have to climb inside the house and paper the outside walls.

When I had originally put the house together as a “rough draft” I had marked the locations of the wall and upper floor, so I was able to cut a piece of poster board to fit the living room, and then used an iron-on veneer I found a one of the big-box stores to make a “hard wood” floor. This is great stuff; you set your iron on “cotton” and just unroll the strip of wood, pressing as you go.  You can even lift the strip carefully and reposition it if necessary. I used a piece of waxed paper between the iron and the wood to protect the iron, but it also gave the wood a nice sheen. Any uneven edges will be covered by the skirting board when I get to that point.

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