Is this Thing Jinxed?

13 May

For as simple a doll house as the Bombay is, I’ve run into a number of glitches – minor, but annoying. First, of course, was the way in which I fell heir to the house. Next, I ordered what I thought was five strips of moulding, and it turned out to be five packages of three pieces each. (Learn to read, dummy!) Then, what I thought was a bundle of baseboard, turned out to be just plain strip wood, so I had to wait again to receive that through the mail.  When I ordered the baseboard, I also ordered a small dining room set, which included a nice  corner cupboard.

When I build a house, I always try to include a cupboard – generally under the stairs – or a large drawer in the base to hold odd bits and pieces. I found a narrow door for the closet, painted it, all that good stuff, and then made a mock-up of the wall where it would go from a piece of tablet back, but you can see the door fits perfectly.

Exactly where the dining room corner cupboard belongs.

Maybe I can get a hutch instead and put it at the foot of the stairs to hide the fact that the wallpaper  isn’t exactly the same color.

It’s always something.

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