Another Day, Another Dollhouse

16 May

Mother’s Day was warm and sunny, and since I am completely at an impasse with the Bombay house, I decided to start on the little house I planned for a child at church.

I spread newspapers all over the picnic table, laid out all of the pieces face down and slapped on a coat of flat white paint. This serves two purposes. It gives me a primed surface for the wall paper, and prevents me from putting a piece on wrong way round. (Who? Me?)  While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I found a circle of thick plywood left over from who-knows-what project, sanded the edges smooth, and covered it with a piece of green fabric. I dug an old Lazy Susan from my stash, and the Squire drilled a few holes to fasten the two pieces together.

Monday was cool and rainy, so I moved operations indoors, and got the exterior pieces painted a soft grey, the trim white, and the shutters and door a sort of butterscotch color. The roof will be red. I’m not sure I like the color on the shutters but it’s too late now.

This morning was taken up with a visit to the dentist and the Red Cross, but in the afternoon we got the house fastened to the turntable, and I printed off some wallpaper for the living room. I haven’t decided which room that will be, as the door opens into the smaller room, which has the stairs going up, and the larger room has the picture window.  It the interest of saving space – and my sanity – I may omit the stairs entirely. If anybody asks, they are along the open wall and you can’t see them.

I’ve put pictures of the house on my Webshots site under “Savannah’s House” if you wish to follow the minutia of building a simple doll house. Savannah will be four in November, so I am not putting the effort or expense into this house that I am the Bombay. It’s really fun to be able to just do things, instead of obsessing over every little detail!

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