A Good Week’s Work

20 May

Well, Savannah’s dollhouse is not exactly complete, but since a) I don’t need it until Christmas, and b) I accomplished this in a week (and was out two days), we’re not doing too badly.

I did miss one piece of trim under the small front window, the front door needs door knobs (which my grandson always called door slams, for some reason), and a few more piece of furniture would be nice, but all-in-all, not too shabby for a week’s work.

A.C. Moore is phasing out all of their dollhouse “stuff”, but they still had bags of shingles. Unfortunately, they were $40 a pop, and me without a coupon! It’s not so far away (5 miles) that I can go back with a 40% or 50% coupon and not feel wasteful. The roof will be painted red – just about the same colour as the flowers. There is a small piece of porch roof to go over the door, but that can also wait until the shingle situation is resolved.

I may stick some hedges around the edge of the house “chust fer show”, as my Amish friends say, but we shall see. Lamps, kitchen cabinets…I have to remember this is for a child and not go obsessing over things that can only be seen by a midget lying on his back with a dental mirror! And, no,  I do not exaggerate.

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