Dodging Bullets, Washing Dishes

20 Jul

Wow! The “nice” rain storm we had here last night was a real monster in downtown Baltimore, where close to two and a half inches fell between 6:30 and 7:30.  In some areas, particularly near the harbor, the standing water was up to people’s knees.  They were canoeing down Aliceanna Street.

On top of this, two water mains broke on Tuesday. A twenty-inch pipe broke in the heart of the business district, and a much smaller one broke in a residential area.  As of yesterday – Thursday – folks were already sending irate letters to the paper, wanting to know why it was “taking so long” for repairs to be made. Yeesh! You can’t just put a big ol’ cork in a water pipe,  y’know. (I wonder if these are the same folks who want power lines buried?)

It really is a mess. You think things are tough with no electricity? You should try living in the city with no water. The Squire and I live way back of beyond, and no matter what happens, we can move the lid to the well and draw water for drinking, and flush the toilet with water from the pond.  You do have an odd perspective of what constitutes a “convenience” when you think it’s good the toilet is on the first floor and right under a window! We have also melted snow for drinking water, but that is almost more trouble than it’s worth. A blancher full of snow will give you a mug full of water. A foot of snow equals an inch of rain. I’d just as soon put on my boots and struggle out to the well.

Right before we went to bed last night, I asked The Squire to start the dishwasher, which he did. Unfortunately, he assumed I’d put in the detergent, so they got washed with simple hot water and violence. The dishes look respectable, but the silverware was obviously in need of some hand-washing.

My mother tried to convince us (maybe she really believed it) that cutlery dried shinier if you didn’t rinse off the soap.  My father once grumbled that they gave people soapy water to make them throw up when they ate something poisonous, and would try to sneak in a rinse if she wasn’t looking. She also had a “thing” about wiping the dishes, rather than let them air-dry. One time she and my dad went out and left my sister and me to wash – and dry – the dinner dishes. We washed them, stacked them in the drainer, and went to watch TV. Unfortunately, we forgot to go back and them away. When we saw the headlights turn into the drive, we both raced to the kitchen and began slamming silverware into drawers and dishes into cabinets. We didn’t move fast enough, so there were still dishes in the drainer when my mom walked in. She went over to the sink, got herself a glass of water, drank half of it, and then poured what she hadn’t finished over the dry dishes. She very nicely rinsed out her glass several times, pouring that water over the dishes, too.

She could be just plain mean, in addition to probably being mad as a hatter.

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