One More Time!

25 Jul

I went to the lawyer’s this afternoon and signed another set of “final” papers. I think we may be coming down the home-stretch. One of the checks I gave her was for the probate court. she said it would be another twenty days or so. Now, was that twenty “real” days, or twenty business days? All the papers were addressed to the Orphans Court. It seems odd to be considered an orphan at 70. That’s usually a term one saves for small children.

Well, at least I can go away without having to watch every penny.  I am leaving on Thursday morning to take The Squire’s godson and a another young man from church to Williamsburg for several days. They are both 14 – old enough that I don’t have to watch them every second, and young enough to still be enthralled by the sights and sounds.  I adore Williamsburg – this is what I teach! – but The Squire has difficulty walking great distances, and isn’t all that interested. On the other hand, I can go through the Air and Space Museum in twenty minutes flat and have time to go the rest room, while most men can spend hours admiring the astronauts’ toothbrushes.

To each his own…

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