Things That Go Bang! in the Night

1 Aug

 It began to thunder last night shortly before we went to bed, but it was not enough to disturb our rest. When we got up this morning, there was a message from ADT on the answering machine, with a time stamp of a few minutes before midnight last night. The Squire hauled himself over to church to see what sort of damage had been done, and discovered two trees had been struck by lightening.

We’ve had this happen here at home, and know it makes a noise like a cannon going off, which was probably what had rattled the alarm system.

Great strips of bark had been peeled off the trees and flung all over the property. One strip was draped in the upper branches of another tree nearby, and while The Squire was inspecting the damage – and admiring the power of a lightening bolt – a neighbor came over carrying a five foot length of bark. “I assume this belongs to you folks?”

He said he had never heard such a loud noise in his life. “You know how they say ‘I was lifted out of bed’? Well, I really was. I always thought it was just an expression.”

Nothing to be done at this point but to collect the pieces and wait to see if the trees survive. They probably won’t, but you never can tell. Otherwise, we’ll be offering cut-your-own-firewood on Freecycle again.

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