Just Dashing Through

31 Jul

I left last Thursday – July 26th – to take The Squire’s godson and another young man from church off for five days in Williamsburg. (It was supposed to be six days, but more on that later.) We have a time-share, so lodging is no problem, and I got annual passes, so we can all go back next summer. The boys are 14, so I wondered if they’d enjoy it, but they said they had a blast and are really looking forward to going again.

Both of them were delightful company. They made their beds without my even suggesting it, said Yes, Ma’am, and No, Ma’am, offered their seats on the bus to women, and were just generally wonderful young men. They looked, asked intelligent questions, and I received a number of compliments on how well they carried themselves. Some one even stopped me in church to say they were impressed with the fact that the boys had passed the Peace with firm handshakes, looked folks in the eye and spoke clearly.  No mumbling or shifty eyes.

I had to chuckle at the Godson. He had remembered to bring his Prayer Book, but when I glanced at him halfway through service, he was using the red one from the pew. “Where is your own book?” He patted his pants pocket. “Right here” he whispered back.

This photo was taken outside the Capitol gates. The Godson is Mr. Cool. The mugs got you free refills of soda, cider, and soft-serve ice cream for the entire visit, and were prized possessions!

The resort has a hot tub in each ground floor unit, and even though it was over 100 outside, they spent two evenings splashing around in the tub.  Nuts.

Got home yesterday afternoon, and now I am gearing up to leave again to drive to North Carolina for The Squire’s 50th HS reunion. He had told me the dinner was this coming Saturday night, followed by a picnic on Sunday, so we planned on leaving Friday morning, which would have given me an extra day in Colonial Williamsburg. He couldn’t find the paper with the name of the restaurant, and after I convinced him to call and ask somebody (no, you can’t just drive around town looking for a place with lots of cars in front) he discovered the dinner is Friday night and the picnic is on Saturday afternoon.

No wonder God had to create women.

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