Panic City!

21 Aug

About two months ago, our church received a phone call about a lady who is walking from Washington State to the White House, staying at various parishes along the way. She had asked if she could spend tomorrow night – Tuesday – at Resurrection, and after some discussion it was agreed that we would allow this.

What nobody took into consideration is that while we have a rest room, there is no place to wash up, and unless she can fit into the nursery crib, there’s no where to lay her weary head. Also, Tuesday night is when AA uses our hall.

And so, The Squire called her husband and asked if she would like to spend the night here.  All well and good, but our guest room also doubles as my sewing room, and resembles a 12 x 12 mending basket.  We have put things into boxes, stuffed bags full of fabric, and actually taken down the ironing board. I really wasn’t sure I remembered how to do it.

The job took me a bit longer than it should have because after I had gathered all of the sewing pins from the ironing board and the dresser top, I dropped the plastic box and spilled ALL of them on the carpet. I finally got them picked up (I hope) and when I put the box in the cabinet I knocked over a jar of buttons.

I was about to put clean sheets on our bed and let her sleep in there, and we’d take the guest room!

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