Ants. Again.

23 Sep

The weather here has turned very chilly at night, and the ants have decided to move inside for the duration. Generally, we only see them inside when it has rained for a day or two. These creatures bewilder me. They come into the bathroom in swarms, and into the den in a slow but steady trickle. Never on the kitchen counters (I may live to regret that remark) or any other place where they might find food.

In the bathroom, they race around the outside edge of the wash bowls, and climb into the cup, which can be disconcerting when you go to brush your teeth. No place else. Do they like the taste of scouring powder or toothpaste? In the den, they hide under my laptop, where it is warm, and get on my hands and arms.

Quick, Henry! The Flit!

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