That Darned Cat!

5 Oct

All cats are odd, but Eddie takes the cake.

He will come pounding on the kitchen window to be let in, race over to the door to the back room and yammer for somebody to come open it for him, use the litter pan, and then come waltzing out of the back room via the cat flap. He will not go into the back room through the flap – we’ve even shoved him through it a couple of times to prove it swings both ways – but has no problem coming out.

Beats me.

In addition to the ants, we have been invaded by crickets this fall. This afternoon Eddie began to chase one he had found in the kitchen. Every time he touched it, he sat down and washed his paw. He never did actually catch the poor creature, just patted it to distraction. Blazer finally got disgusted with Eddie’s antics and ate the blasted thing.

Eddie seemed highly insulted.

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