Blessing Blazer

8 Oct

     We had the Blessing of the Animals last weekend, rather than the traditional first Saturday in October, as the local Humane Society was able to come out and offer micro-chipping for $30 for anyone who had not already had their pet “done unto”.

I really wanted to take Eddie, but as soon as he saw the carrier he did a disappearing act.  A really determined cat make itself slightly smaller than a pocket-handkerchief, and there was no finding the little stinker.

The Squire said he wandered into the kitchen, cool as a cucumber, about two minutes after the dog and I had driven off.

Blazer, on the other hand is always up for a ride, especially if it involves coming to church, as the secretary always has a treat for him, and he is about as much in love with the rector as the rest of us are. Pats, tummy rubs, and puppy smooches are always nice.   I had told him to “Come by me and sit”, but he got tired of sitting, so he laid down, and a few seconds after this was taken, he rolled over on his back.

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