Farewell to Dr. J

28 Oct

Our beloved rector, Doctor Janice Gordon-Barnes, left us today. She arrived in a blizzard and left in a hurricane.

The service was lovely, with clergy from around the diocese, members of her former parishes, and just about every single member of the congregation in attendance.

She managed to hold it all together, through songs from the Sunday School kids, gifts, cake cuttings, speeches, and a wacky slide presentation, until she received the purse from the parish, and which point she began to cry. “It’s not much”, said the Senior Warden. “It’s only a dollar a day.”

The cake was made by one of our members, showing the proposed trip from Maryland to Florida in Dr J’s little Prius. (Which is made of Rice Krispies Treats, wrapped in fondant.)

It has been drizzling all day long, and fairly chilly – 54 F – but no wind to speak of. The worst of the storm is supposd to hit in the wee-smalls of tomorrow morning and continue all day. The prediction is for 5 to 10 inches of rain, and the weather people are  expecting every stream in Baltimore City and County to be over its banks. Our stream is about six feet from the house, so you can imagine our situation. Two folks from church have offered to take us – and the critters – should it be necessary to evacuate. The Squire is still insisting “we’ll be juuust fine.” Sure we will, boss.

I’m not sure if the groom is still at home. The storm has not really kicked up yet, and they cannot send the men up poles if the wind is over 35 mph, so he may be “on hold” for a while. Everyone has been warned that they may be without power for several days, but there will still be weeping and wailing, I’m sure.


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