We Are Still Here

30 Oct

The worst of Sandy seems – seems – to have bypassed us. We’ve gotten relatively little rain, but the wind is just horrible. It is howling around the corners of the house as if we were in the middle of a blizzard, instead of a hurricane.

The stream is not any further that it is when we have heavy rain, but there certainly won’t be any dead branches in the trees tomorrow morning. The wind is gusting between 40 and 60 mph, enough to lift the cat off his feet.

We still have power, although it flickers from time to time. Our grandson reported to work this morning, but the utility company sent him home because it is too dangerous to work. If the wind is above 30 mph with cherry-pickers will topple over, so he is sitting it out for the moment.

If things get bad, we will roll up the memory foam topper from the guest room bed, sheets, blankets and all, grab the critters and head over to church.  High ground, gas stove, running water, and plenty of windows and candles!

We shall see what tomorrow brings, but for the moment we are thanking God for our lives and home!

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