I Hab a Code.

28 Jan

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have come down with a cold, and it is a doozy.  I am extremely annoyed, and taking it all very personally, while my long-suffering friends, who have colds come and go, are probably secretly snickering behind my back.  I called my BFF to tell her I wouldn’t be at knitting tonight, and she asked me what I was taking for it. “I dunno. What are you offering?” If she could have reached me through the phone, she probably would have smacked me.

The Squire ran over to Joppatowne twice this morning, once to get me some Mucinex , and again to pick up some library books. He really is a saint.

I rummaged around in the closet and found some Vick’s, which may have belonged to my grandmother. At any rate, it wasn’t much help. I tried to take a nap, but couldn’t breathe anyway. Occupied myself with a good book, some tea, and a bowl of egg drop soup.

Of course, I would probably get better faster if I didn’t send half my time reaching out the window in sub-freezing weather to hand feed squirrels. We have one who is a great bully, trying to hog all of the peanuts I put on the kitchen window sill, but – like most bullies – he is also a coward, so when I open the window he runs away, but the other squirrels come up to take a peanut from my fingers. They sort of line up, grab a nut and scoot, and the next critter waits until I push a peanut out the window.  Neat! I love it!

One Response to “I Hab a Code.”

  1. Todd Young January 30, 2013 at 12:40 am #

    This is way too late to help . . . but there’s this stuff called Umcka. It’s an all-natural thing that really works wonders on colds and such. You should be able to get it at a health food store, but you can also order it online. The trick, though, is to start taking it AS SOON AS you start feeling sick — don’t wait until you’re sure.

    But now that you’re this far into it, lots of fluids and rest.

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