Things that Go Bump in the Night

4 Feb

Our weather has been so goofy for the last week that I can’t keep it straight. We had a thumping rainstorm one day, bad enough to cause folks near DC to have to evacuate their homes because of flooding. We had one day that was so windy it practically lifted the cat off his feet, and in between we’ve had snow showers for the last four nights. Not much, maybe a quarter of an inch, but even that little bit, when it is accompanied by wind and thunder, can be impressive.

Every time there is a loud noise, Blazer has to go investigate, so he has been panting at the door almost constantly. Last night there was gunfire at half-time, and he was having a fit, but I wouldn’t let him outside because you have no way of knowing where those bullets will come down.

He did go out once to inform the resident raccoon that dinner was served. I put the dish on the patio and Blazer ran over to bark into the drain pipe. (Yell down my rain barrel/ Slide down my cellar door/ And we’ll be jolly friends for evermore.) The raccoon is large enough that when he growls the noise echoes inside the pipe. I dunno – maybe he’s all echo and not large at all.

We also have mice in the drop ceiling in the den. Whoever coined the phrase “quiet as a mouse” has never heard this bunch. It sounds as if they are staging the chariot scene from Ben Hur. And, of course, both of the “land critters” have to get into the act. Blazer races around and barks, and Eddie tries to climb up into the ceiling. Did you know fiber glass tiles don’t support the weight of a large cat?

The Squire says the game went on until nearly 11:00 last night, and then all 773H broke loose, but I was sound asleep and missed it all. I am glad the Ravens won, although there seems to have been a question about interference at the last minute.

This bug, whatever it is, still has me worn down. I got up at 8 this morning, got chased back up to bed – alone – at 11:30, and slept until 2:00! It is not quite 7 PM here, and I am just barely able to keep my eyes open.  G’night.

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