One Thing Leads to Another

25 Mar

A few weeks ago I found a beautiful bedding set online. We’ve had the same spread on the bed since our fifth anniversary, so I figured it just might be time for a change.

Of course, nothing is ever simple.  I decided the drapes needed to be cleaned, too, while we were at it. This is a much bigger deal than it sounds, as we have four windows in the room, plus a canopy over the bed. I clean the whole shebang once a decade, whether it needs it or not. Naturally, nothing can be replaced until all of the furniture is pulled out from the wall, carpets vacuumed, and both the walls and the backs of the furniture dusted. And where did all that stuff under the bed come from? I didn’t recognise any of it! Everything off the dresser, desk, and cedar chest; wax and polish, wipe down, wash mirrors. You’d think we were cleaning for Passover!

The bedding set had only a 15-inch dust ruffle, and we need one 18 inches deep, so I had to find time to get to Joann Fabric and pick up a half yard of muslin, so I could put a 9-inch strip down the middle of the platform. Easy enough. Iron the dust ruffle, get The Squire to help flip the mattress off the bed, and then back on.

Sir Edmund tests the quilt for softness.

Sir Edmund tests the quilt for softness.

He had taken two long narrow pieces of plywood and placed them under the back legs of the bed to make it easier to make it easier to slide back and forth. He took them out of the house while I was ironing drapes, and I heard a tremendous crash. I dashed downstairs to see what had happened, and he came in holding his head. “I dropped one piece of wood on my head” he moaned.

And sweet, loving wife that I am, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Thank goodness you didn’t drop it on the glass picnic table.”

You may remember that last year, just about this time, I went on a cleaning spree and it snowed. We woke up this morning to four inches of snow, and it is still coming down. Ah, springtime in Baltimore!

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