Getting Old

8 Apr

Well, lots of things are getting old. Between us, The Squire and I have had The Plague since mid-January. I got it first, and in spite of sleeping in separate rooms, etc., he came down with it next – and it stayed and stayed and stayed. The GP put him on an anti-biotic, and when that didn’t work we tried another one, plus a Z-pak and a codeine cough syrup.

The Squire seldom takes meds, and the codeine knocked him for a loop. The first couple of days he was not to be trusted with open flames or sharp objects – I was going to make him eat his meals with a spoon – and certainly wasn’t to drive.

I had to go to a meeting, but told him I would take the trash out to the road when I got back. When I got home, the trash was by the mailbox, and The Squire was upstairs, looking morose. He had tried to help, bless him, and decided surely he could navigate his own driveway, even in the condition he was in. Ha!

He managed to back into a tree, and did almost $2,000 worth of damage to the car. (Of course, it can cost you that now just to replace the side mirror, but it was the principle of the thing.)

We have been reduced to a one-car family, and it’s not easy. We live miles from anyplace, and the car we are using is one that doesn’t “fit” my husband. A half an hour, and he is in  pain. Well, at least he doesn’t drive unless he simply must.

Our financial advisor (doesn’t that sound posh?) called to remind us that I have reached the age where I must begin to withdraw money from my IRA, so with one thing and another, we decided we might was well update our wills, which were last done in 1977. Having lived through the mess my mom left behind, we weren’t going to do that to our kids. Besides, we are a blended family, and that can lead to all sorts of complications.

The lawyer who handled our “case” today is the daughter of the fellow who was my boss when I was still married to the Late and Unlamented. I remember her as a three-year old, in a ruffled dress!


One Response to “Getting Old”

  1. jaels April 8, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    Poor Squire–you two sound like a barrel of fun.

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