Getting Older

15 Apr

The Squire and I have spent the last several days schlepping from accountant to lawyer to accountant, and back again.

Well, it’s not all that complicated, actually. We don’t have a large enough estate to worry about taxes, and we don’t have to account for every little thing in our possession. Everything automatically goes to the surviving spouse. After that, the house is to be sold, any debts paid off, and that money divided into seven shares. One share goes to our home church, and each of the girls gets two shares. As for the money is our investment accounts, ten percent goes to the church, and the balance divided between the three girls.

I learned a new term – “per stirpes”. That means that if any of the girls predeceased us, the money will go automatically to their children. No need to identify the kids now, or any other complicated business. Should one of the girls die, we can – if we wish – name their children as beneficiaries, but that isn’t even necessary.

Any personal items can be listed on a sheet of paper -they do not need to be part of the will, simply because we frequently purchase or dispose of jewelry, furniture,  etc. and we don’t need to keep updating the will.

Very simple. I highly recommend it.

One Response to “Getting Older”

  1. jaels April 19, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    Great advice, thanks!

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