The Klutz

21 Apr

The opening hymn this morning was Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken, which was our processional hymn when The Squire and I got married. The rector didn’t know that, but it was quite obvious I was not feeling well, and he knows I’m German, so he began singing Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles in my ear, just to make me laugh. We both sobered up by the time we got halfway down the aisle.

I had a great deal of difficulty moving around; at one point the rector had to almost lift me up bodily when we knelt for one of the prayers. When I go up and down steps, I am always careful to put my left foot down first. Except this morning, when I stepped off the altar on my right foot and nearly fell into a parishioner.  So graceful. Fortunately, the man managed to reach out and steady me before any damage was done. I just hoped everybody else had their eyes closed in prayer as I tried to somersault over the communion rail, but no such luck. Well, they are all used to me, so nobody pays much attention.

Several people asked me how I was feeling, or told me I looked as if I was not doing well as we were shaking hands at the church door.

Good days. Bad days. Thank God, the good ones still out-number the bad ones.


One Response to “The Klutz”

  1. jaels April 21, 2013 at 11:37 pm #

    Oh I’m sorry you’re not feeling well–and I so relate to the way you put a positive/amusing spin on things not so great. God bless you Big.

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