Sweet Oblivion

25 Apr

Due to some changes in my meds, I have put on a good bit of weight over the last few months. I managed to find one pair of jeans at the local thrift store, and I pretty much wear them until they walk into the laundry by themselves.

Tuesday, as I was going into Bible Study, a friend mentioned that I must have just come from doing yard work because I had mud on my knees. Those who know and love me – or even just know me – realize that yard work is not in my vocabulary. I had no clue, but I was rather pleased that the jeans seemed a bit loose in the waist, and hoped that the strict diet I have been following might be having some effect.

Last night, I dragged a box of summer clothes out of the attic and after several tries, I finally found a pair of slacks to fit me, so I dumped the jeans into the wash.

I discovered today that I had been wearing The Squires pants for the last week.

One Response to “Sweet Oblivion”

  1. jaels April 25, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    Oh my goodness, bless your heart!

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