Closing in on it!

23 May

Well, I now have a working cooktop, a sink, and a dishwasher. We are getting into the big time, here, folks, let me tell you!

Tuesday, The Squire had his godson come over to help us get the countertop in place. This involved gluing together two mitered pieces – one nine feet long and the other six feet. The pieces had to be glued and bolted while upside down on the kitchen floor (braced with pieces of 2×4 because of the backsplash) and then flipped over and positioned on top of the cabinets. There is a ‘steenth of an inch bump where the two pieces meet, but it is in the corner, and since we saved $500 by doing this ourselves instead of having the store pre-make it, the bump is NOT at all noticeable, thank you very much.

The fellow from BGE Home came in yesterday (Wednesday) morning and found that both the cooktop and the dishwasher needed some changes because Building Code had changed since the originals were installed. He came back this morning at 8:00 and set to work.  Everything looked ready to roll until we turned the pump back on and water started flooding from under the wall beside the dishwasher. A momentary panic, but “relatively” easy to fix. By relatively, I mean we (The Squire and the service man) had to unbolt the end cabinet from the wall, remove the paneling and part of the sheet rock, and then reconnect a joint which had come loose when the man had pulled on it to hook up one connection or another.

And then we had to put it all back again.

I am now trying to find all of my “stuff” to put away. I’m still stymied by the lack of the pantry, but The Squire has worked his fingers to the bone for the last few weeks, and while it is obvious the work has to be done, I’m not pushing him.

I discovered I have eighteen dishcloths,  twenty tea towels, and the same number of hand towels. Considering that I seldom do dishes by hand, this is a bit excessive. I do like to put out a clean dishcloth and towel every day, but I think ten each would be more than enough. There is no “five second rule” when a wet dishcloth hits the floor, so I do need a few extras. Some of my dishcloths look as if The Squire has been borrowing them when he changes the oil in the car.  How can something you use for one day and then wash with bleach get so incredibly yucky?

Ah, dear old Don showed up late Tuesday. Personally, I don’t consider 7:30 to be “afternoon”.


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