Things I Have Learned…

28 May

…that I didn’t necessarily want to learn. First of all, two weeks without a kitchen seems to be a month – or more.

What Don calls cove molding

What Don calls cove molding

Second, what Don calls cove molding is NOT what The Squire and I expected. At all.  You know, an inverted quarter round, or something. No such luck. This stuff is 4 inches wide, and about as flexible as an iron bar. Third, the search feature on Sears website is the pits. From what we’ve heard, you can buy both inside and outside corners for this stuff, which you put in place and then simply cut the pieces to fit in between.

You may remember when we looked up the flooring, which is called Rendezvous, we ended up with bras and patio furniture, culminating with a rendezvous with death. Well, I typed in the name of the molding directly off the box and ended up with office furniture. I added the word “floor” to the name and got auto floor mats.

We finally removed what we had installed – just around the mixing cabinet and behind the door – and The Squire went on a search for the wooden molding we had removed. It is slightly narrower than this plastic stuff, so we had to scrub and scrape to remove the glue from the wall, but it will be much, much easier in the long run.

Just a quick update on the break-in at Eldest Daughter’s rental property. At first, it seemed the only thing that had been taken was the framing hammer. Son-in-law has a motor which is sort of a masculine version of an Osterizer.  You can connect all sorts of things to this and use it as an electric nail gun, a power drill, a saw, and so forth. The thieves took the motor and left all of the accessories. They also used the basement bathroom, and left the lights and the fan turned on.

As I said, very sophisticated squatters.

One Response to “Things I Have Learned…”

  1. Caddo-Jael May 31, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    Arrrrgggghhh, and how strange–I might well have run away from home by now, dear heart. God bless you! love, Caddo

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