Busier Than a One-Legged Paper Hanger

12 Sep

The Squire and I went off this morning to have breakfast with Bob Evans, and then to see the neurosurgeon about my gimpy leg. Although I am in a fair amount of pain, there is significant weakness in my left leg. Injections are scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Once the pain is gone, then we can figure out how much damage was done by the stroke.

When we got home, The Squire asked – in all innocence, really – if I thought I’d have the kitchen repapered before Christmas. Hmmm.

I did manage to get one wide strip under the cabinets, but couldn’t find my brayer – a sort of wooden mini-paint roller I use to flatten the seams. After some fruitless rummaging in the back room, my husband assured me he’d seen the thing in one of the kitchen drawers. And with that, he pulled out a double ended roller from Pampered Chef, used by normal people to press piecrust into a dish instead of rolling it out on the counter and fussing with getting it into the pan.

Worked like a charm.

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