His Turn, Now

12 Sep

I have no idea how yesterday’s post turned up with today’s date, but ignore it.

This morning, The Squire woke me a little before 8 (early for me) saying he was dizzy, weak, and nauseated. Up and at ’em! His skin felt cold, but he was very wet and sticky.

I very quickly put Blazer out and fed him, got myself shoveled into a heap, eased The Squire into the van, and drove off to Patient First. Didn’t get very far – the dead tree he’d been muttering about decided last night was the perfect time to fall across the drive. It was only about as big around as my calf, but ten feet of it was more than I could move. We ended up driving across part of the neighbor’s yard to get to the street.

It was just 8:30 when we arrived at the clinic, so we had the place to ourselves. The Squire told the doctor he had awakened about 7:30, and the room was spinning before he even opened his eyes. He’d managed to get down to the bathroom, but came back up and collapsed across the bed. My side of the bed. (That’ll get you out of a sound sleep, let me tell you!) His heart rate was down, his oxygen levels were low, and he was severely dehydrated. All of this sounded horribly familiar. The clinic arranged to transfer him to the hospital, and we were there until about 3:30. More blood tests, a CT scan, EEG, and EKG. Nada. The only thing the doctors could come up with was that he’d gotten some sort of hit-and-run virus.

We are home shortly before 4, and in bed by 4:15.

I called a friend from church when we got to the clinic to ask him if he’d bring his chain saw over and cut up the tree. His wife called the Rector’s Warden, who called us and the Rector. I don’t know what people do who don’t have a church family to rely on!

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