That Darned Dog!

2 Oct

Because we do not have a fence, when Blazer is out alone, he has to be tied. We have a forty foot wire between two trees and a thirty foot lead, so he’s not exactly suffering out there.  This evening, he was barking his head off (a deer, probably) but when I went out to get him, he was gone.

The wire was “pulled out by the roots” and the dog was nowhere to be found. I called him. The Squire whistled and shouted and called him by name. Nada. I walked across the front yard and checked up and down the road. Not there, thank heaven.

As I was starting back up the drive, I saw him at the foot of a tree. He’d managed to drag all seventy feet of line behind him, and was well and truly crocheted around half the trees between us and the house next door.  From the looks of things, once he’d gotten caught, he’d tried going first one way and then the other around the trees. It took me a good while to get him unwound, and then I sent him back to the house, while I unraveled the rest of the rope. If I had returned to the house by walking back across the yard, I’d have never seen him.

And with all the barking he did before, do you think he’d at least answer me when I called him?  Ha!

One Response to “That Darned Dog!”

  1. Reverend Ref October 3, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    He was either too embarrassed to answer you, or he’s like the kids who get real quiet when things go wrong. Or maybe a little of both.

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