St. Francis Day

5 Oct

blazer blessingBlazer here, coz Mom’s busy.

Today I got to go over to church and meet a bunch of other dogs. Most of them were really nice, but there was one little snippy dog who must have thought she was a lot bigger than she really was. She barked and snarled at me; I could have swallowed her in one gulp, but I just knew Mom wasn’t going to like that, so I just backed up and let her think she won. Papa says that’s the best way to handle women, anyway.   Fr. Matthew was there, and his friend brought their two beagles. They were sweet little dogs, and I wish we could have played together longer.

Anyway, we all sat down in front of Fr. Matthew and he gave each of us a blessing.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but the lady who was at church last year did it too, so it must be a Good Thing. I even got a little card with my name on it. And then, a nice man gave me a little bit of dog food. It wasn’t my usual brand, so I wasn’t sure about it, but Mom said it was OK, so I ate it.

Mom and Papa have to go out to a funeral – I don’t know what that is either, but they seem sad, so I’m going to go give them kisses and hope they feel better.

Oh! Somebody sent Mom this picture of me. People say I have a nice smile, but I think I look a little goofy.


One Response to “St. Francis Day”

  1. Peg Wilson October 6, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    Blazer, you did a GOOD THING when you let the snippy dog think it won. I am so glad you had fun at church. The kids and I miss you very much. Be kind to your Mama and Papa this is a hard time for them. Remember to be gentle with Mama- try not to get her tangled up in your chain. She did so much for you when you got yourself tied to that tree.

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