What Were They Thinking?

27 Jan

dress frontI really do need some new clothes. Most of the things in my closet average ten years old, and even my “new” Easter suit has been hanging around for five years.

I got an email from a large chain, and opened it on a whim, as most of their clothes are far too  young for a little old lady. This dress did catch my eye. I don’t normally like short sleeved tops because I feel they make me look heavy, but the “shoulder strap” detail breaks the width, and the vertical stripes are slimming. It is a style that would go from fall into early spring, a bit shorter than I like, but for $20, I’ll go for it.

Until I took a look at the back. dress back

A dark green, metal zipper – the sort you’d find on a snow coat or a sleeping bag – sewn on the outside of the dress.

No wonder it was on clearance.

2 Responses to “What Were They Thinking?”

  1. Reverend Ref January 28, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

    Maybe it’s for women with really long hair.

  2. Reverend Ref January 30, 2014 at 10:53 pm #

    FYI — I mentioned this to Mrs. Ref the other day. She said, “Yep . . . that’s a thing now.”

    “You mean they stick a big ol’ zipper in neon green on the backs of dresses ON PURPOSE??” I asked.

    “Yep . . . it’s apparently some kind of fashion statement.”

    “Somebody’s making the wrong statement.”

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