The Voice of the Lord…

9 Jul

…strips the cedars bare. Storm 1

It also does a really good job on the trees in our back yard.

We had a tremendously bad windstorm last night, and when I came home from mid-week service, this is what greeted me in the driveway. I originally thought The Squire had moved the branch so I could get in, but it had, by the grace of God, actually fallen into the bushes by the side of the drive.

Do you see that straight tree trunk next to the arch? The branch came from that tree, which is on the other side of the drive way. It probably flew fifty feet before it landed.

The Squire had to take the chainsaw to it, load it onto the cart, and then haul it out to the brush pile at the back of the property. It did a number on the bushes and took out the hummingbird feeder, but we are glad it didn’t land on the arch, or block the drive completely.

Or worse.

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