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Il y a du Vent

20 Nov

In other words, it’s blowin’ a bloody gale outside. The temperature is 42F  (5.5C), which is not bad for mid-to late-November, but when the wind is hitting 55 mph (88.5kph), it can feel as if it is only 30 (-1).

The lights kept flickering at church this morning, and the treasurer joked about not paying the bill, but when we came home the power lines were down heading out of our little berg. Police cars blocking traffic crossing the highway, and utility trucks here and there. Not sure what they eventually did, as Gas & Electric won’t send people up in the “cherry pickers” if the wind is over 30 mph (48 k). Our power had also been out here, but the tall case clock in the dining room set us all straight when it came time to set the electric clocks.

We had our Annual Meeting at church today, and yours truly got herself elected to the vestry. Quite a surprise when I was nominated from the floor, and even more of a shock when I was actually elected. Thank you very much! And I got official permission to resume the monthly newsletter. This was cancelled when a former rector got in a snit over something I posted here. It wasn’t a lie, so I’m not sure what the big deal was, but some people just defy explanation.

Of all the nonsensical things, the newsletter now has to be approved by the entire vestry before it can be published. That should be cute – trying to get a half dozen people to agree on anything. It would probably be easier to shepherd a bill through Congress. Well, we shall see. I got such joy out of doing the newsletter before, and I’m looking forward to getting it up and running again.

Not sure what I’m going to call said newsletter, as the aforementioned rector told me “The Epistle is finished”. We shall see.

I am so sick of fighting this blasted cold.  It’s been since last Tuesday and I’m mightily tired of it.  Coughing and blowing all day and all night. The Squire has decamped to the guest room, and I can hardly blame the poor man.

The Voice of the Lord…

10 Jan

…strips the forest bare.

That was the psalm for this morning, and the lectionary certainly got it right. It has been blowing a gale all day long, rattling the windows and generally acting as if it might be March instead of January.

Right now, it is 45-F, with the wind blowing at 30 mph, and a wind chill of about 30. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 60.

Pneumonia weather.

Somebody up the street from us must have gotten a machine gun for Christmas. For almost two hours, we were serenaded to the sound of WWIII with almost non-stop automatic weapon fire. It went on from shortly before 4 PM to almost 6 o’clock. Considering the distance those guns can shoot, we can only hope nobody on I-95 was injured.

People are just plain crazy, you know that?

We are going back to church in a few minutes for a bagpipe concert. In spite of the name D’Amario, Fr. M is mostly Irish, and plays the pipes. This started as a Twelfth Night celebration, but is now a Winter Festival. There was a ham dinner at 6, which didn’t interest us, but we will brave the icy blasts to go hear the good father and his teacher play the pipes.

The Bald Truth

30 Jan

It was so windy today – gusts up to 45 mph – that my wig blew off while I was crossing the parking lot at IKEA, and I had to chase it down, my bald-ish head shining in the sun.

Talk about embarrassing!

The Voice of the Lord…

9 Jul

…strips the cedars bare. Storm 1

It also does a really good job on the trees in our back yard.

We had a tremendously bad windstorm last night, and when I came home from mid-week service, this is what greeted me in the driveway. I originally thought The Squire had moved the branch so I could get in, but it had, by the grace of God, actually fallen into the bushes by the side of the drive.

Do you see that straight tree trunk next to the arch? The branch came from that tree, which is on the other side of the drive way. It probably flew fifty feet before it landed.

The Squire had to take the chainsaw to it, load it onto the cart, and then haul it out to the brush pile at the back of the property. It did a number on the bushes and took out the hummingbird feeder, but we are glad it didn’t land on the arch, or block the drive completely.

Or worse.