Repaint – and Thin No More!

7 Mar

We have the ceiling and the trim done, so today we did the walls. We intend to put up wainscoting, so I measured 43 inches from the floor and drew a line. When I stepped back to see how it looked, the line was not level.  Now, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but I can at least draw a straight line with a yardstick. Well, silly me, I just took it as a given that the floor was level, and you’d think, after forty-one years, I’d just know better. Forty-three inches from the floor here is not necessarily the same as forty-three inches from the floor there. Should make cutting the wainscoting interesting.

The Squire got his six foot level and we started at one corner and went on around the room. Much better!

We taped all the trim and also ran a line of tape  around the room at the pencil mark. Discovered several things. 1) Blue painters tape sticks mercilessly to enamel trim, and 2) where it doesn’t fall straight off the wall, it sticks enough to pull off the original paint. Lots of touch-ups to be done, but the green paint is up.

After much scraping of walls and knuckles, we decided to paint over the textured paint on the end wall. The green paint picks up the little nubbins and deposits them elsewhere on the wall, white side up, so there are a lot of little flecks to be covered, and we also need to repaint along the bottom edge, as that is one of the places the blue tape pulled off the original paint.

A week of scraping, and we could have just crisscrossed it with tape and lifted that bad boy right off the wall.



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