Never a Dull . . .

9 Jan

I went over to church early yesterday evening as I had a couple of things to take care of before the Vestry meeting started.  I’d just come inside when I heard emergency vehicles in the distance; they stopped just outside the church parking lot, blocking the entrance. I went out to the end of the sidewalk, but I didn’t see anything and I figured I’d only be in the way anyway, so I went back in and got busy.

A bit later I noticed they had come onto the parking lot, and then one of the crew came in and asked if I had a key to the chain blocking the lot from the field. I did, but it was in the car; another member of the Vestry came into the lot as I was heading to my vehicle, and she had a key on her key ring. The fellow told her they’d gotten a call about an injured person “out there”. Now, “out there” can mean simply the field, or the woods – part of the State Park System – that surround our property.

The emergency crew was outside for about an hour  and our Senior Warden saw them taking a small boat – he called it a Swamp Gator – headed for the river. Goodness knows what that was all about.  Rumor has it that somebody fell out of a tree.  Deer hunting season ended January 6th. Last night was the 8th. Whatever you were doing out there in the dark, buster, it was probably no good.

We shall see. We’ll probably hear all about it at knitting in the morning.

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