Slow Down!

2 Aug

You talk too fast!

Our rector, Fr. B., is a dear, dear man. Knowledgeable, witty, and generous. But he talks too dang fast. He speaks faster than I can listen. As a result, he often stumbles over words in the service, which drives me nuts.

“If you talk slower, you won’t make as many mistakes.”

“I am going slower!”

There are those of us who try to read at a normal pace, letting him race ahead, and saying our last few words well after he has ended, but it doesn’t always work. We feel as if we are shouting into the wind.

It’s a good thing we’re not Jewish. If a mistake is made during the service, whether by the rabbi, the cantor, or the reader, the service stops, and they have to start anew from the beginning. We’d be in church for a week at a time at that rate!

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