The Calm Before the Storm

4 Aug

Hurricane Isaias is heading up the East Coast, and folks are digging in.
It started rain as I left work at 5:00, and rained sporadically – but heavily, at times – all the way home. Right now, it is very still, but nobody is foolish enough to think that will last.

We have made sure we have plenty of water and lamp oil in case the power goes off, and there’s plenty of food in the house. Thank goodness we have a gas cooktop; I don’t mind sitting around in the dark, but I draw the line at going hungry. I went out a bit ago, took down the flag and placed those hanging baskets on the ground. Fed the foxes, fish, and turtles, and I am heading up to bed in a few moments. It is 8:30 on Monday evening, and I’ll check in tomorrow. (Yeah, the computer thinks it’s Tuesday already, but don’t believe it.)

Stay safe and stay dry.

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