We Have a Dog!

2 Apr

After casually remarking quite a few times that “I’d really like to have a dog”, The Squire finally told me Saturday morning that we were going to the Humane Society to get one.

We went up and looked at quite a few senior dogs. We’re too old to take on a puppy, with all that entails, and older dogs are sometimes harder to place. A win-win situation. After “interviewing” three we decided on a 7-year-old pit-mix. His previous owner had called him Goliath, but we call him Golly, which seems to be very appropriate. He is a little smaller than Blazer – 70 pounds, opposed to 90 – (35 k, vs 45k) – but he is the same color and has the same smile. Golly is the third pit-mix we’ve had, and we’ve adored them all, from my beloved Brinks to Blazer and now this goofball.

He knows a few basic commands – come, sit, down – and is semi-housebroken. He’s really good about going outside to water the bushes, but we’re having some trouble with the rest of it. He also seems to think he is a lapdog, and we’re trying to dissuade him of that misconception! He walks well on a leash, but doesn’t understand it’s pointless to try to catch squirrels. He is tall enough the reach the counters and the table, and THAT won’t do at all, although we don’t mind him standing up to look out the kitchen door. We locked him in the kitchen with his bed last night and I honestly expected to come down to find the trashcan emptied and things generally in an uproar, but there wasn’t a bit of mess. He also behaved beautifully while we went to church. It has taken him 24 hours to become a confirmed Mama’s Boy!

And he is a chowhound of the first order. My! Can that boy eat! He got himself into some serious trouble this afternoon when he grabbed a fresh loaf of bread off the counter in the split second it took me to reach for the knife. He and I had quite a discussion about that trick.

It will probably take a week or more for him to get used to this house and our routine, but I think it’s all going to be OK.


One Response to “We Have a Dog!”

  1. dorotheaj123 April 5, 2023 at 3:57 am #

    Congratulations! About time! He is beautiful.

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