Golly, Oh Golly!

22 Apr

This is Golly’s official portrait, taken just before we left the Humane Society. Probably the last time the dear critter sat nicely and smiled for the camera.

So far, he has pulled his run out of the tree, and totally destroyed not only four tennis balls, but managed to yank on his collar hard enough to break the clasp. And took down the clothesline in the process.

And then came inside and chewed up The Squire’s nook.

I was walking Golly around the pond last night and he tried to follow a frog into the water. Mud up to his knees! Where Blazer hated the water, Golly enjoys it.

The Squire went down and bought him a new collar this morning, and I got him another tug-of-war toy. It should come as no surprise that he totally destroyed the first one we bought him.

Oh, Golly, what are we going to do with you?


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