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A Good Pair

23 Jun

Tuesday morning I bent over to pick something off the floor and hit my head on the corner of a cupboard so hard my teeth banged together. The Squire thought I was going to pass out. So did I for a moment or two. Since then my back has been giving me absolute fits.

I used to have a lot of trouble with my back, but I had surgery in September of 2015 to fuse two vertebrae in my neck. (I have photographic proof that me head is screwed on properly, in case anybody ever asks.) The pain I’m having now is in the same place as it was then. Have I compressed a disc? Have I torn something loose? I’ll find out on Monday. In the meantime I’m staggering from pillar to post with Lidocaine patches.

Yesterday morning I can home from a meeting at church to find the lawnmower on its side in the ditch along the road. Lovely. The Squire had been mowing, swatted at an insect, lost control of the machine, and the rest is history. He did manage to twist to the side so his feet weren’t damaged – that would have been a catastrophe – and he didn’t go in head first, but he banged up his shoulder rather famously. It is not broken or dislocated, but it is very sore and he can’t lift his arm past a certain point.

We had to go to the grocery store this morning, and we had a grand time getting the bags out of the cart and into the car, and then from the car to the house. I can’t bend and he can’t lift.

We make a good pair!


Oh, My Aching Back!

19 Dec

Or, you can’t fix stupid.

Many years ago a fellow I’d dated when I was between husbands gave The Squire and me a papyrus plant. He’d been keeping it in his living room and watering it every day, but it really wasn’t thriving, so he brought it to the Rice Paddy so it could live in our pond. It grew to absolutely massive proportions, and had to be repotted once, and then split. It is about ready to be split again.

The one drawback was that the plant has to be kept above 55-F and needed lots of sun. We kept it in the living room during the winter, but that really isn’t what you’d call sunny, so by spring it looks pretty dismal. This winter, rather than allow it to fade away, we decided to move it from the house to the front porch, aka the Sun Room, during the day and bring it back in every evening.

The Squire estimates the plant weighs at least forty-five pounds.

Guess who has a bad back and decided not to “bother” her husband last week to haul the pot in and out? Yup.

My back was bothering me a bit on Saturday, but yesterday I could barely move. It was BAD. To make it the cheese more binding, I was supposed to be the chalicist yesterday. Fortunately I was able to sweet-talk another lady into switching with me.

I found some “dynamite” pain pills left over from my neck surgery last year and took one when we got home from church and another last night before bed, and I think I just might live. Not only live, but it may actually be worth the trouble!

Grandson and his wife took the baby to the doctor today; Austin has gained three ounces, but she has made an appointment with a specialist and they will see him tomorrow.

Film at eleven.


Not Without My Coffee

17 Sep

I think I have mentioned before that the bottom four discs in my back are totally shot, and doing surgery in that area is too dangerous to contemplate. The discs continue to disintegrate, which pinches the nerves and causes intense pain in my feet . It feels as if somebody is pounding nails into my heels. Once or twice a year I have to go in for cortisone injections in my spine, which clears things up beautifully.

Unfortunately, even though this is out-patient, and done with a local anesthetic, it is NPO. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight, including my morning coffee.

About a week ago I got my foot tangled in Blazers rope and had a very small, very painful sore on the back of my right ankle The Squire tells me it will heal more quickly if I can leave it open to the air, but I can’t go barefoot all the time, so I cover it whenever possible with a Band-Aid and some anti-biotic cream.

Yesterday morning I had to be up earlier than usual to get to the clinic, and was staggering around in the bathroom, trying to get myself shoveled into a heap. The Squire uses Breath-Rite strips at night, and I pulled out one of those, instead of a Band-Aid and was in the process of smearing Tinactin on it instead on the Amerigel. In my defense, I can only say both tubes have red stand-up tops, although they are quite different shades of red, but the Band-Aid and nose trips are kept in different places and have totally different wrappers.

At any rate, The Squire got me straightened out, put me and my crutches into the Godson’s mother’s car (he had an appointment in the other direction at the same time) and off we went. One hour from the time I staggered into the clinic we were back on the street, me moving under my own power, and headed for Einstein Brothers and some strong coffee.

Tomorrow, I have a general anesthetic surgery to put my busted right thumb back into place, so it will be a case of Second Verse, same as  the First/ A little bit louder, and a little bit worse. At least, he’ll be driving.