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Great-Grandkids are the Best

19 Jun

The Squire and I went down to the hospital today to meet the newest great-grandchild. When Amanda had Aubrey, her room was huge; this time, the room was barely the size of our bath.

Imagine The Squire and myself, eldest daughter, Steve (Amanda’s husband), and Steve’s mom, plus a gal who has been a friend of Eldest daughter since highschool,  and you have the general idea. I thought we were going to have to elect a chairman.

Wyatt is 24 hours old, here, and while I am entranced with the new baby, The Squire is not paying attention to the kid. Well, I am blessed that after 41 years, he only has eyes for me.Wyatt, Jim and me

Big sister gets a closer look. She seems delighted. I hope it stays that way!

Wyatt 2