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Beginnings and Endings

27 Jul

Yesterday we went up to Eldest Daughter’s to visit with our granddaughter and her two children. Aubrey just turned two, and Wyatt is all of six weeks old, and growing like the proverbial weed. He was 8 pounds, 4 ounces when he was born, and weighs thirteen pounds now.

Aubrey has taken quite a shine to her great-grandfather, calling him Papa, with either a British or French accent. Much emphasis on the second syllable. Pa-pah, she says. She was up on the balcony, looking down and calling him to come up to her bedroom. There are two sets of stairs, and The Squire took the front way up, which she didn’t expect, and he surprised her. “Oh, hi!” (Fancy meeting you here.) She led Pa-pah into her room, showed him her toys, made him a plastic egg sandwich, and then read him a story. Her version was much better than the book.

When we got ready to leave, her mum told her to say good-bye to “Great-grandmother”, and Aubrey blew me a kiss and said,  “I love you, Gran-Mama.” It’s taken two years, but now we have “official” names!

Today, we went to a visitation for a fellow with whom both The Squire and I had worked at Equitable. We’d seen John at the reunion in June, and we both remarked that he didn’t look at all well. His wife, who had also worked at the bank, said that was one of the last good days he’d had. Within about two weeks he’d begun failing dreadfully. He had cancer, and she’d opted for a closed casket because he looked so dreadful.

He was younger than my sister and they had been married less time than we had. Life, sometimes she just isn’t fair.

Be kind to each other.

Great-Grandkids are the Best

19 Jun

The Squire and I went down to the hospital today to meet the newest great-grandchild. When Amanda had Aubrey, her room was huge; this time, the room was barely the size of our bath.

Imagine The Squire and myself, eldest daughter, Steve (Amanda’s husband), and Steve’s mom, plus a gal who has been a friend of Eldest daughter since highschool,  and you have the general idea. I thought we were going to have to elect a chairman.

Wyatt is 24 hours old, here, and while I am entranced with the new baby, The Squire is not paying attention to the kid. Well, I am blessed that after 41 years, he only has eyes for me.Wyatt, Jim and me

Big sister gets a closer look. She seems delighted. I hope it stays that way!

Wyatt 2


4 Mar

We woke up this morning to about an inch of snow! It’s been well above 40-F for the last few days, so it really didn’t amount to much, other than looking pretty on the trees and grass for a while. It was all gone by noon. Blazer thought it was lovely! The last snow we had was so deep he was buried, but this was just enough to “snovel” around and kick up his heels. Mind you, it’ll be Spring in two weeks, but the weather will do as it pleases.

Speaking of things doing as they please, Local Grandson called to tell us he and his wife are expecting a baby in early October. His mom’s birthday is the 5th, and that was the original due date, but now the doctor says it will probably be a bit later. I reminded him that babies, like the weather, and the economy, will do as they please. Apparently twins run in his wife’s family because he said he kept asking the doctor, “You’re sure there’s only one in there?” So now, we have four great-grandchildren, plus two-thirds and one-third.

Which doesn’t quite add up to a whole baby. Yet.

We’ve gotten two coats of paint on the ceiling, and it really looks good. We also put a coat on the trim.  I think that will look better done in gloss, but at least it has a base coat. I got some samples of green paint, and we sloshed those on the wall to see which one we liked best. The jury is still out on that. We have a lot more of that blasted textured paint to scrape off yet before we can get too involved in that part of the project.

The Structural Engineer recommended putting extra posts under the dormer, and The Squire took care of that Tuesday and Wednesday. Where there were three, there are now seven posts; I feel as if I’m looking through the bars of the Folsom County jail, and the dog has gotten his rope wrapped around them a couple of times, but the SE felt part of the problem with the wall under the window was the extra weight of the second floor, and this certainly ought to relieve that. The good news is that because all we are doing is making repairs and not new construction, we don’t need a permit. Thanks Be To God. This place wouldn’t pass any sort of inspection; there are no footers, and there’s not a square corner or level floor in the entire place.

The Squire had an MRI of his head a few days ago, and he spoke with the GP today. Apparently, he has an effusion of the mastoid on the right side. Haven’t a clue what that means, frankly, but MRI does show a lot of “stuff” on the right side of his head. He has an appointment with the ENT on the 17th, so maybe we’ll get some sort of answers. I told him he needed to look for zebras. If there’s something odd, either The Squire or I will have it.

More Pictures

13 Jul

ride on toyBoy, this great-grandmother stuff can get out of hand rather quickly.

We had a first birthday party for Sweet Girl yesterday. Her mom had asked specifically for this particular ride-on toy, and while I was checking out at the store, I had to push all the buttons and turn all the knobs. I certainly hope she knows what she got herself into.

Frankly, it reminded me of that wonderful old Peter, Paul and Mary song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLYefZkOMB0 although anything by PP&M is wonderful.  When did we stop writing music and start writing noise?

So now, our princess can drive herself from her own castle on her own princess mobile, and drive her mother and grandmother to distraction in the process!

I did find the other pictures from the photo session in June.  Two were posted on July 9, and I have added the others as promised.  A wonderful and loving family.


Oh, You Beautiful Doll!

9 Jul

Ist birthday - Mom OK, so everybody in the world has the most beautiful children, grandchildren and great grandkids in the world. Don’t know how that happens, but there you are.

Several weeks ago, local granddaughter and grandson-in-law took their little dumplin’ to a photo shoot, and these are some of the results.

Sweet Girl was just shy of her first birthday.

Aubrey 1 yrShe was born with a full head of curly hair. Although it has changed from coal black to blond, it is still beautifully curly.  Her mom has to keep it in ponytails, as it falls in her face, and she will yank off a head band or a barrette.


And yes, that is our granddaughter – not our daughter – and our great-grandchild.

all three