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The Mall in Columbia

25 Jan

Columbia is on the far side of Baltimore from us, located about mid-way between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

As of 5:20 – it is now 5:45 here – the police report there were three people dead, including the gunman. It appears to have been a domestic situation, although no further information has been released . (Haven’t these people ever heard of divorce lawyers?) There are reports of others having been wounded, perhaps by shotgun pellets.

It is a sad, sad commentary on the world in which we live that everyone knew exactly what to do. Shelter in place; go into a stockroom or restroom and barricade the doors.

Film at 11:00.

Two employees, male and female, in their 20s. Gunman not yet identified, as he was carrying so much ammunition the police have to “use great caution” to move his body.