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More Pictures

13 Jul

ride on toyBoy, this great-grandmother stuff can get out of hand rather quickly.

We had a first birthday party for Sweet Girl yesterday. Her mom had asked specifically for this particular ride-on toy, and while I was checking out at the store, I had to push all the buttons and turn all the knobs. I certainly hope she knows what she got herself into.

Frankly, it reminded me of that wonderful old Peter, Paul and Mary song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLYefZkOMB0 although anything by PP&M is wonderful.  When did we stop writing music and start writing noise?

So now, our princess can drive herself from her own castle on her own princess mobile, and drive her mother and grandmother to distraction in the process!

I did find the other pictures from the photo session in June.  Two were posted on July 9, and I have added the others as promised.  A wonderful and loving family.


Oh, You Beautiful Doll!

9 Jul

Ist birthday - Mom OK, so everybody in the world has the most beautiful children, grandchildren and great grandkids in the world. Don’t know how that happens, but there you are.

Several weeks ago, local granddaughter and grandson-in-law took their little dumplin’ to a photo shoot, and these are some of the results.

Sweet Girl was just shy of her first birthday.

Aubrey 1 yrShe was born with a full head of curly hair. Although it has changed from coal black to blond, it is still beautifully curly.  Her mom has to keep it in ponytails, as it falls in her face, and she will yank off a head band or a barrette.


And yes, that is our granddaughter – not our daughter – and our great-grandchild.

all three