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How To Husband

24 Jan

My friend Peggy has often said The Squire could make a nice sum by offering classes on how to be a Good Husband.

I’m still fighting whatever bug I picked up over the weekend, but I am gaining on it ~ slowly. We don’t have a washing machine, so Wednesday morning my husband “made” me stay home while he took the baskets up to the laundromat. I got started on the put-and-take routine that is using the electric dryer, while he went off to repair a computer for a friend. When he got home I handed him a pile of stuff to take to the bedroom. All of the sheets, plus most of his things. When I went upstairs later with my own clothing, I discovered that the dear man had made “my” bed, as well as his own. (We’ve been sleeping in separate rooms until this plague has passed.)

A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting in the laundry, reading books, when the washer stopped. The Squire handed me his book and went off the dump the wet clothes into baskets. The woman sitting next to me asked if that was my husband. “And he comes and help you with the wash?” The Squire came back just then, and replied, “Well, why not. They’re my clothes, too.”

I’m on Altar Guild this month, so this morning he drove me over to church and helped me set up. He’s a dab hand at filling candles and putting up numbers, and I got the rest of it sorted out. He jokes that he’s our Token Male.

I am so very, very lucky.