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And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon

23 May

I mentioned a while back that The Squire and I managed to misplace a pillow case while we were making the bed. We had it, and it disappeared faster than a cat when it sees a carrier. Looked under the bed, between the bed and the cedar chest, in the cradle. I even lifted the edges of the mattress.  Nada. And it still hasn’t shown up.

This morning, we were making the bed, and The Squire noticed he didn’t have “his” pillow.  Now, I am the type to buy pillows on sale at Target, two for $7, or whatever. The last time I sent him off to the store, he got special pillows for each of us. I sleep flat on my back, and he sleeps curled up on his side, so he bought pillows specifically designed for the way we sleep. I didn’t ask him what they cost.

Apparently, his pillow has been MIA for quite a while, but he just noticed it today. We checked the guestroom bed, looked to see if it had been put into the pillow shams, dug around in the linen closet. Gone.

There is a black hole in this house.  Watch your step.


Life’s Little Mysteries

15 Apr

Eddie1Friday, I took the quilt off our bed and lugged it up to the Laundromat. It took two days to dry it on the line, so we didn’t get the bed stripped and remade until yesterday – Monday.

When I put away sheets, I fold the top and bottom sheets, and one pillow case, then slide the entire business into the other case, so everything is together, and there’s no rooting around looking for things that match. (Although some people I could mention don’t think that’s important.) I tossed both pillow cases onto the cedar chest, and The Squire and I made up the bed. When we were ready to do the pillows, one case had disappeared. I have torn that room apart, looking for it. Under the bed, between the bed and the cedar chest, in dresser drawers in case I had folded it up with a pair of jeans or a turtleneck.  I even went back to see if by some chance it had migrated from our room back into the linen closet.

No dice.

And the cat! Normally, if you put something on the bed, any right-thinking cat will immediately jump up and take a nap on your suit jacket or clean sweater.  In an obviously vain attempt to keep the quilt clean, I folded up an old, much mended sheet, and put it on the bed.

And you see where Eddie is sleeping.

I suppose there are some things in life we are simply not meant to understand.