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How’s the Weather?

19 Aug

It started to rain just as I left work last night, and poured stair rods all the way home.

The entire twenty-four mile trip was made in a downpour hard enough to make the wipers practically useless. The streets were so deep in water it was as if I was driving down the center of a river, and the air had that funky smell you get when you clean out the gutters.  I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a fish to swim past the windshield.  I’ve driven those roads for fifteen years or more, and I still managed to drop off into a ditch coming over Sunshine Avenue. The lightening seemed to be directly overhead, and the thunder was  loud enough to make one jump.

When I got home, The Squire was nervously pacing up and down up and down the patio, keeping an eye on the stream bank, and stray items were picked up and stacked on the picnic table and in the cart.

Of course, I hadn’t been in the house fifteen minutes before the worst of the storm passed, and by the time I went out to feed the local wildlife, the sun was poking through the clouds. The dishes were completely full of water, so it looked as if we’d gotten two inches of rain in about a half an hour.

Today is cooler, but that’s not much help when the humidity is higher than the temperature. To quote on of my favorite authors, it’s as if I’m breathing Jell-O.




2 May

I never watch TV – well, I do watch the Big Bang Theory, but that’s it – so I was surprised last night when a friend at our knitting group told me we were in for a big storm. “Oh, yeah,” she said. “They are talking about flooding, with high winds and all that stuff.”

I hustled home, and The Squire and I moved our cars to the top of the hill, put floatables up on the picnic table or stashed them in the tractor cart. We had picked up some things to FreeCyle for a friend who is moving, and we lugged those items into the kitchen. Actually, we were kind of hoping for a big blow. This house is not salable, and if we ever want to move the only thing is to hope we can get insurance money if a tree falls on the house.

My anticonvulsant wasn’t working last night, so I had to get up and take a second pill. (Don’t let anybody tell you Restless Leg Syndrome is a “minor inconvenience! It rapidly goes from Restless Legs to Restless Arms, and all points in between.) By the time I finally got to bed, it was midnight and the stars were shining. If we got more than fifteen drops of rain, I’d be surprised.

And the Rains Came

28 Jun

It is said that the Hawaiians have no word for “rain”. For the past week, Baltimore had no word for “sunshine”. Is has absolutely bucketed every evening, complete with tornado warnings. We never have tornados here.

Yesterday, it began raining about 3:30, coming down in sheets. We live at the bottom of a hill, and nearly at the end of a stream which stretches back over five miles, so when it rains we really get socked.

The water came up very quickly, simply because the ground is so soaked there’s no place left for it to go.  Fortunately, once the rain stopped, the water receded almost as quickly as it rose.  These two shots are of a mimosa tree that stands just at the edge of our stream. (When it was planted, it was several feet from the edge, but that’s another story.)

As you can see, the water was lapping at my toes, but within a half an hour of the rain stopping, things were back to what passes for normal around here. I am going to post more shots, and (I hope) a video on my Picture Trail account, so you can see more of what we had going on.


But I’ll tell you – it was scary while it lasted.