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Graduation Day

24 May

The Squire and I drove over to College Park to watch one of our granddaughters graduate from University of Maryland. She had originally wanted to be a vet, but changed her major to Environmental Policy – or something. My friends call me the “recycling queen”, but Jess has me beat by a mile. She got her Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and Policy Laws. with a concentration in Wildlife Ecology and Management.

The University of Maryland was founded as an agricultural college – animal husbandry, crop and field studies (improving the soil and what sort of stuff to plant for the area), avian improvement, and the like. Over the years it has expanded its scope, offering every imaginable course, including medicine. The courses on crop and field studies offer a degree in golf course management! And, presumably, a job at Mar-a-lago.

This photo of Jessica captures her spirit exactly! Pretty, funny, great with kids and animals, smart as whip, and a little bit crazy. (What can I Jessica Gradsay? She likes to climb cliffs.)

During the ceremony, we heard a siren, and several cell phone began to chirp. The Dean looked a bit startled, and then announced “We have a tornado warning.” Please follow the staff to the lower level auditorium.” And so we did. And then we did it all in reverse. Actually, the crowd was so large that only half of us had gotten out before the warning was lifted, so we just returned to our seats. A ceremony that should have lasted one hour dragged on for two.

And there was another one scheduled behind us. Running late before it even got started.

And we didn’t get a drop of rain at home.


And the Rains Came

28 Jun

It is said that the Hawaiians have no word for “rain”. For the past week, Baltimore had no word for “sunshine”. Is has absolutely bucketed every evening, complete with tornado warnings. We never have tornados here.

Yesterday, it began raining about 3:30, coming down in sheets. We live at the bottom of a hill, and nearly at the end of a stream which stretches back over five miles, so when it rains we really get socked.

The water came up very quickly, simply because the ground is so soaked there’s no place left for it to go.  Fortunately, once the rain stopped, the water receded almost as quickly as it rose.  These two shots are of a mimosa tree that stands just at the edge of our stream. (When it was planted, it was several feet from the edge, but that’s another story.)

As you can see, the water was lapping at my toes, but within a half an hour of the rain stopping, things were back to what passes for normal around here. I am going to post more shots, and (I hope) a video on my Picture Trail account, so you can see more of what we had going on.


But I’ll tell you – it was scary while it lasted.