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Win Some, Lose Some

13 Aug

We have been on a low-carb diet for several weeks but we had a birthday party at church yesterday, and there was no way to avoid falling off the wagon. When we make Mac and Cheese we add some cauliflower to the pasta to help cut down on the amount of starch. I had a lovely head of cauliflower, so I decided to simply cook all of it and pour the chees sauce over it instead of using any pasta at all. Essentially a huge bowl of cauliflower au gratin.

It didn’t work out quite the way I expected. It was so soupy we had to eat it with a spoon. It was that or pour it over a slice of bread, which pretty much defeated the purpose.  I guess I can just put it in the blender and call it Cream of Cauliflower Soup.

Recipe Roulette

5 Nov

The Squire suggest we have mac and cheese for dinner. Once I put on a pot of water we discovered there was not enough elbow macaroni, not nearly enough pepper jack cheese, and we were short on milk. Apparently, all we had enough of was cheddar.

We substituted rigatoni for the elbow noodles, added cauliflower to make up the difference, and just went with what we had.  For a hot game of roulette it wasn’t too bad.

Ay! Carumba!

14 May

When I make macaroni and cheese, I always use 1/3 pepper jack and 2/3 sharp cheddar.  I also use half the amount of pasta and toss in a package of frozen cauliflower.  I have always called it “Mexican Mac and Cheese” because it is mildly spicy and the cauliflower gives it an unfamiliar texture. But it’s good.

Last week, Aldi’s had some cheese called “Mango Fire” in the same bin with the pepper jack. “Mangos, huh? How spicy can that be?” Well, let me tell you, that stuff will just about clear your sinuses. I took it to a covered dish supper over the weekend, and warned people that is had a kick to it.

I didn’t have any leftovers.