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The Wisdom of a Child

13 Jul

One of our odder hobbies is to wander around in old graveyards. We don’t necessarily have to be looking for somebody, we just enjoy looking.

And often, we find something worth appreciating.

This photo was taken before Amanda turned five.  She is leaning against the very ornate tombstone, shaped to resemble a bed, of a little girl named Ruth, who died when she was the same age. We had noticed other markers for small children, and explained that kids died of things such as measles and chicken pox,  whooping cough and diphtheria (which we explained was a very sore throat), all of which can be prevented today by vaccines.

Amanda considered all this for a moment or two and then asked us to take a picture of her. “I’m going to put this on my mirror at home, to remind me that when Mummy takes me to the doctor’s for shots, it’s so I won’t die, too.”

Smarter than a lot of grown-ups.


Proud Grandmother

9 Oct

OK, so I am not the first person in the world to have a granddaughter get married, but you have to admit she’s something special. She’s just one of those people the camera loves. When she told us she was getting married in a barn, I thought “ugh”, but this is not just any barn.

The black box contains a love letter each wrote to the other, and a bottle of wine. The box was nailed shut as part of the wedding ceremony. If they ever feel their marriage has come completely unglued, they are to open the letters and read them together, and have a glass of wine. Otherwise, they will open the box on their 25th anniversary.