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My Head’s Not Screwed on Right

25 Aug

Well, anybody who knows me can attest to that, but now it’s official.

Over the last eight work days I have been to five different doctors, and it is getting wearisome. Most of these visits can pass unmentioned for the moment, but among my many complaints is the fact that my neck hurts, from the base of my skull down as far as my shoulder blades. A cervical MRI showed a narrowing between C-5 and C-6 that is obvious to any layperson who even glances at the films. The neurologist recommended surgery, sooner rather than later, so I will put my head on the chopping block on September 28th. A plastic replacement for the disc itself and a titanium plate to hold the entire business together.  All of which is MRI compatible, he assures me.

Recovery time? “Oh, you should be able to drive in about four weeks.” And I’ll bet that includes no strenuous activity, too.  Great.

According to my family history, I should live another fifteen or twenty years or so, and I can’t honestly say I’m really thrilled about the prospect.